Best Hookah Products in 2024

Best Hookah Products in 2024


Best Hookah Products in 2024

At Hookah Smoke Shop, we take pride in offering the finest selection of hookah products to enhance your smoking experience. As we enter 2024, we're excited to introduce you to the best hookah products of the year. From innovative hookah designs to premium accessories, we have everything you need to elevate your hookah sessions to new heights. We saw a lot of new hookah gear come through our doors last year, and we saw many new favorites grow in popularity. Explore our collection of DIY Hookah Shisha Flavor Recipes and unleash your creativity to craft unique and personalized hookah experiences from the comfort of your home.

If you aren’t familiar with these names, brands, or products, then seriously consider growing your hookah vocabulary and make sure you have these products on hand this year! Discover the top 10 most popular hookah shisha flavors of the year at our Hookah Smoke Shop, where you can find the perfect blend to elevate your hookah experience.

Expanding your shelves and menus to include what’s hot makes for fast-moving inventory, fresh offers, stream-lined lounge processes, and cost-saving opportunities.

Shisha Kartel

Shisha Kartel tobacco shown in 50g and 250g sizes alongside loose sample of shisha

Every hookah smoker enjoys when a new brand with new flavors drops. The highly-anticipated Shisha Kartel lineup introduced an easy-to-use, blonde leaf shisha tobacco brand that hit all the right flavors for different types of taste buds. 

Years of testing went into this launch from the creators of everyone's favorite, Al Fakher, to create a new list of creative flavor mixes. You can expect aromatic mixes of tropical fruits to blends of dark, sweet flavor combos. You can get them in 50g cartons and 250g boxes as well as in case sizes

Afzal Tobacco

Afzal shisha tobacco shown in 50g, 250g and kilogram sizes

A favorited shisha tobacco flavor is paan/pan [Read more here]. We’re sure you’ve heard. While there are many versions of paan shisha tobacco out there, one of the leading brands for this taste comes from Azfal. And, they have several styles.

Available in 500g cartons250g jars, and kilos, Afzal is a brand you should consider picking up for your lounge or retail space. They have an extensive selection of flavors outside of paan as well.

Al Fakher States of Taste

Al Fakher States of Taste flavors shown in 250g size

As one of, if not the, leaders in shisha tobacco, Al Fakher continues to grow their line of hookah flavors. They worked hard to bring us the Shisha Kartel and the Trinity Line, and that hard work also brought to us the States of Taste: Shisha tobacco flavors based on favorite tastes from locations of pure joy. 

From citrus groves of the Cali coasts to rich southern orchard U.S. tastes, these new Al Fakher flavors make for simple bowl loads and also work great for new, interesting mixes.

Mazaya Shisha

Mazaya shisha tobacco shown in 50g and kilogram sizes

Another shisha tobacco brand to be well aware of this year is Mazaya. They have all the normal favorite flavors like Lemon Mint, Double Apple, and Watermelon Mint, but they also have unique flavors like their own versions of Paan Rasna.

You can get them in all of the sizes you expect: 50g x 10 cartons (500g), 250g tubs, and kilos.

AO German HMDs

AO Standard Aluminum HMD and AO 912 Stainless Steel HMD

When it comes to heat management devices a couple of the new favorites are from the German brand AO. They have the AO Standard Aluminum HMD that heats up quickly, features raised internal grooves to keep coals from “blacking out”, and includes a ventilated lid for heat management.

The other option gaining popularity is the AO 912 Stainless Steel HMD. Constructed from one solid block of stainless steel, this beast retains heat and is hard to “overheat”. There’s no lid on this one because you simply don’t need one.

AO Silicone Hookah Bowls

AO Silicone Hookah Bowl shown with box and in use with various HMDs

When silicone hookah bowls came to fruition they became a game changer. You don’t need a bowl grommet to use them, they are shatter-proof, and they work with most heat management devices (HMDs).

The AO Silicone Bowl is available in a standard bowl shape as well as an HMD-friendly lipped version. They work on nearly any hookah out there, and are inexpensive. When you pick them up in 24 pieces or more, they come out to a $5 bowl that will last you a VERY long time.

BYO Foam Grip Hookah Hoses

BYO Foam Hand Hookah Hose shown in standard and large handle options

Great for lounge use and as a washable hose option to have in your retail space, the BYO Foam Grip Hose comes in two sizes. Both versions are your standard 72” length overall, but you can get them with 10” and 14” handles.

They’re entirely washable and come in a variety of colors.

INVI Vergence Hookah Pipes

INVI Vergence hookah shown in various color options

There are a lot of German hookahs that arrived on our shelves lately, but one of our favorites is the INVI Vergence model. At 16” in height, and made from high quality, machined aluminum, the Vergence ships with a standard bowl, a chimney style HMD, and has the ability to use up to four hoses.

Available in a variety of popular color options, the Vergence makes for a great lounge hookah and an awesome multi-hose hookah to offer to your retail patrons. At Hookah Smoke Shop, we're committed to providing our customers with the best hookah products available. Explore our collection today and discover the latest innovations in hookah smoking for 2024.