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Soex Berry Blast Herbal Hookah Flavor - Tobacco Free


Product Type: Soex Herbal Shisha
Weight: 0.55 lb

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Berry Blast - Herbal Shisha Molasses

Elevate your hookah experience with the tantalizing Berry Blast, a signature flavor from Soex's Sweet Range. This nicotine-free blend combines the refreshing essence of kiwi, the vibrant taste of berries, and the invigorating coolness of mint. Ideal for any hookah gathering, Berry Blast offers a delightful and icy cool sensation that dances on your palate, making every puff an unforgettable experience.

Key Features:

  • Nicotine-free herbal shisha molasses
  • Unique fusion of kiwi, berry, and mint flavors
  • Perfect for a refreshing and enjoyable hookah session

About the Brand

Soex Herbal Hookah Molasses

Soex is a leading brand in the world of herbal shisha molasses, dedicated to providing high-quality, tobacco-free alternatives for hookah enthusiasts. Renowned for their innovative and diverse flavor profiles, Soex ensures a pure and satisfying hookah experience without the harmful effects of nicotine. Their commitment to excellence and health-conscious products has made Soex a trusted name among hookah aficionados worldwide.


  • Brand: Soex
  • Product: Berry Blast Herbal Shisha Molasses
  • Category: Soex Herbal Molasses, Sweet Range
  • Ingredients: Herbal molasses blend, natural and artificial flavors
  • Flavor Profile: Kiwi, Berry, Cool Mint
  • Nicotine Content: 0% (Nicotine-free)
  • Packaging: Airtight container to preserve freshness
  • Usage: For use in hookah pipes
  • Warning: For adults only. Keep away from children.

Indulge in the Berry Blast from Soex and discover the perfect combination of sweet and cool flavors that redefine your hookah experience. Enjoy the premium quality and peace of mind that comes with a tobacco-free, herbal hookah molasses.